Jijiga: Police Chief Dismissed From Job


Jijiga, Somali State, May 10, 2013 –  Police chief, deputy and several officers fired from the police service last week for unknown reason told rasaasa.com a source from Jijiga. Colonel Jamal Dheere was serving the police forces in the Somali State as a commander of prison guards.

There was a conference held at Jijiga in three days period that evaluating personal contribution police job from top to the bottom. The security committee conducted individual appraisal picked up as a loser the commander of Prison guards Jamal Dheere, his deputy Shine Abdi Badil and several police officers, but security committees did not mention about  how they failed their responsibility.

Rumors outside the police source revealed that Jamal Dheere was no failed his responsibilities, but he was critics with security head Abdulahi Werar brought the police evaluation to find justification could be sack the commander.