Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

The agency has been created recently for the Liyuu police procurement and construction agency is the latest agencyof several agencies established from the last three years. They are now working under the main Bureaus in the Somali regional institutions.

These agencies have been more powerful than the institutions they have worked with.

Nasrudin Anab was the deputy commander of the prison guard forces, before he was dismissed from the job in November last year due to a family quarrel with the regional president. He was sacked along with his elder brother who was a colonel in the Liyuu Police and the land property in Jijiga of his father had been confiscated.

The Liyuu Police is the most powerful institution in the Somali region, which receives the highest budget for each fiscal year. This newly founded agency will absorb half of the budget intended for the Liyuu Police members, which is likely to result in the dismissal many police members.

The main activities of this agency will be buying Police clothings, utensils, rations and medicines. It is also possible that they may take over the responsibility of distributing salaries to the Police members.

Officials stated on the inauguration ceremony held at the presidential office that this agency will create new jobs for the public.

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