Jijiga: Build Tower or Cease Property Ownership


Homeowners at high streets of Jijiga are facing tough dilemma “build tower or end ownership of your property.” The government introduced this plan in 2011 that intended to improve the beauty  of  the town, the capital of the Somali regional state of Ethiopia.

This plan is similar to the plans were built-in Addis Ababa and other towns of Ethiopia few years ago, which brought a successful modernization of Ethiopian towns.

Somali authority officials informed this issue many times to the homeowners it concerned built or lose plan. Unfortunately, the homeowners were ignored for abiding this issue.

Many people attended a crucial consultation dialogue about modernization of the building in town discussed at meeting in persons. The dialogue was between the homeowners and the Somali authority led by the President Abdi Mohamud Omar were held the conference hall of Sayyid Mohamed Abdulla Hassan in Jijiga on April 18, 2013.

It was an emotional conference, while the president Abdi in speech depicted his modernization plan by comparing how it was looked like the old Jijiga, how is looked like Jijiga today and how it will look like a future of Jijiga? Emotional homeowners asked questions of one option directly to the president, whether they will get support or leave their property for nothing.

President told the conference “there will be support according to individual’s economic conditions, but all you will get a piece of land, and this plan will end within a short period.”

Weak, a poor old woman had spoken at the conference left an inspiration  “I am old; I am beggared; I am living in government accommodation for many years, and I am happy to lose it, if my town becomes better. I am living in my country, and I cannot survive without a country.”

Achieving this compromising challenge of modernizing at Jijiga in a successful way, an undoubtedly it will go through this plan to the other three administration towns in the Somali state which led crucial change.