Thu. May 26th, 2022

qisoFeb 23, 2018 – (Nairobi) – Recently thousands of prisoners have been released from the famous Jial-Ogaden in the Somali region, one of the worst prison in the modern world.

Premises planed to hold the maximum capacity of five thousands prisoners at that time, but since then, it hosts over ten thousands prisoners.

Close source to the Ogaden-Jail told media that several prisoners dye daily to torture, suffocation caused by overcrowd and poor hygienic.

Security guards In the prison trained to torture prisoners by using heinousness method that cause sudden death. Security guard pickup prisoners every night to test on a new tactic of torture such as covering prisoner’s head with plastic pack full of chili powder,wiring neck, electric wire on the private parts.

Prisoners in Jail-Ogaden did not went through fair judiciary system, but decision sentence belongs by the head of the region, who simply gave them indifferently level of sentences. Crimes sentenced to the prisoners related to a relative member living on abroad that criticised in the social media the head of the Somali region.

Released figures is only 15% of total number in the prison and more than forty thousands prisoners held in different jails in the region and federal jails. Within months more than released figures will come in the Jail-Ogaden.

The prisoners have inadequate food and water consumption, no hygienic at all. Inside the prison sickness prisoners are laying on the ground those unable to do any movement.

There are an imaginable injustice overall in the Somali region, injustice detention, beating, torture, insulting respectable elders, business closure and taking assets from the individuals without reasonable justification.

Ethiopian central government that belong the responsibility for looking after the public has no role at all regional activities or its irresponsible government.

By Rasaas