Sun. May 29th, 2022

Jijiga, Oct 1, 2018 – Ethiopian military disturbed and destructed economy that limped in progress in the Somali region.

The prime minister of Ethiopia sent troops to overthrow his long foe Abdi Mouhamud Omar Somali region President who allied with TPLF over Ethiopian power challenged with Oromia  leaders.

The worst region in human rights abuse in Ethiopia on some way achieved in little economic growth by recruiting jobs and instigated possible securities in producing Ogaden oil.

The path overthrew Abdi Mohamud Omar regional president was an illegal in the Ethiopian constitution because the public majority allied with him.

Two months later Somali region is in chaos the new president brought in the power unable to stabilize of the region. Clannish views spreading in the region.

Thousands of people freed from the jail and replaced to new prisoners on alternative jail in the military camp called Garab-Case.

Law and order are not in the hand of the regional administration but most Oromo Ethiopian military oppressing civilian in the Somali region.

Schools became military bases, and children have no access to education. There is no water supply no electricity hygienic are in poor condition pile of garages every in Jijiga.  

By Rasaas