Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

In the Somali region, it is feared that war could break out in the region if the regional administration does not stop its unreasonable actions.

The ONLF is the most trusted political leader in the Somali region, with the exception of the Ethiopian administration in the Somali region, which did not meet the wishes of the Somali people.

Conflict and violence in the Somali region can cause great damage and suffering to the people of the Somali region, both by occurrence and by restraint is the responsibility of the president of the Somali region Mustafe Cagjar.

Mustafe Cagjar, the leader of the Somali region of Ethiopia, is clear that Ethiopia is crumbling and declining power. Throughout Ethiopia, inter-ethnic political negotiations are taking place with each ethnic group seeking to fulfill the interests of its people.
Mustafe Cagjar’s administration seems to be lacking in understanding and is still busy supporting another ethnic group rather than seeking the unity and solidarity of the Somali people to enter the political arena if Ethiopia convenes a peace conference.

As Mustafe Cagjar works with the outgoing government, it is important to build and support the ONLF so that they can fill the gaps in the future interests of the Somali region and hold accountable the new organizations that will negotiate Ethiopia’s future policies.

If Mustafe Cagjar does not think positively about the unity and special interests of the Somali region, but continues to imprison and oppress political parties in the Somali region, this will lead to more wars and problems than the past in the Somali region.

The issue of arrests and repression in the Somali region without the Ethiopian government forcing Mustafe Cagjar’s administration is a matter of great concern.

By Rasaas