Fri. May 20th, 2022

6077360_origEthiopia’s top opposition leader Dr Merera Gudina reportedly lost his job at the government-run city university of Addis Ababa. According to local media reports, the political science professor Dr. Gudina was fired for his political views and his growing popularity among the students as the 2015 national election approaches.

AAU President Admasu Tsegaye has reportedly been under pressure from the city government and the ruling sub-party TPLF regime to remove political opposition voices inside the university. The year 2014 has seen a drastic rise in university student involvement in politics, including the massive student protests in Ambo town of Oromia, which is the hometown of Dr. Gudina.

Despite the TPLF ruling party’s tight grip on the national election board, the party expects riots in the upcoming elections, observers said. During its global bond sale, Ethiopian Finance Minister Sufian Ahmed of the OPDO branch of the ruling party recently depicted the government’s fear of “political turmoil” next year during the election, according to the much publicized report by the Financial Times (FT).

The recent defection of Ethiopian Airlines personal has also increased tension inside the military.

Dr Gudina has been in the Oromo opposition movement for over 40 years, representing the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. He spent most of his teenage years going in and out of prison due to his activism. He is currently the chairman of the Medrek opposition coalition party.


By Rasaas