Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

godeAn oil depot Elele village on the East of Gode town in the Somali region was killed two female children a vehicle travelling by Chinese oil field Engineers, who exploring petrol in this area on January 13, 2017.

The children were nomad looked after goats and they confused sound of the motorcade that forced them to cross a dust road travelling  by motorcade, while the first vehicle hit both girls in the mid of the road.

As parents told the governor of the Gode, after killing the children, the Chinese motorcade did not stop at scene to see at least the incident or to inform the Gode administration. The killing occur on January 13, 2017 as revealed by the people of Elale Village.

At sunset parents found goats alone and the children was missing, soon families and relatives started searching of the area. Two days later young herder found the body of the children. Assessing at scene, Elder’s assumption of the death was caused by Chinese vehicle operating in this area, while only chinese logistics active at Elale areas.

Elders took the case to the Gode administration with their suspicion concern of the Chinese vehicles, but the administration didn’t care or worried about whether children are missing or died on, because the death of nomad children in the Ogaden region is nonsense.

Two weeks later drunken Chinese Engineer heard from a secret about the died children in Bear Bar at Gode, by continuing the story he said “Chinese government has to compensate the parents of dead children”.  In the next morning truth of who behind killing the Elale children spread on entire of shabelle region. The most interesting in gossip dailogue at market and tea shops was the revelation of the died innocent children.

Without suing Chinese GCL Poly company exploring oil at Elale and Jeexdin in the Ogaden region paid 20,000 Ethiopian Birr (equivalent $ 666.67) as a settlement to the parents of the died children through the military headquarter garrison at Gode.

By Rasaas