Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Preceded by the Dervish’s symbolic political revolt against foreign domination of any kind; it was little over five decades ago when a wind of independence glee swept throughout what is now “─ + land” as well as those yet to unshackle from the colonial tyranny (Djibouti, Ogadenia and NFD), hoping that they too will one day help them liberate. Perhaps, I was too young to comment on the enthusiastic atmosphere back then, or because of my being at particular vicinity in the ogaden region of Ethiopia. But to commemorate in literature; it was when the famous emotional poem of flag installation was invented by Abdullahi Sultan (Tima-Adeh) “Sareeyoow ma nusqaamoow aan siduu yahay eegno’ee, kanna siib kanna saareey”. And Abdulahi Qarshe rehearsed the advisory song of “Somaaliyeey toosoo, toosoo isku tiirsada, hadba kiina taagdaran taageera weligiiney” and lastly but not least, Halima Khalif (Magool) among others sang the patriotic self-congratulatory song of: “Gartayeey
noloshayda, Guushiyo barwaaqada gugaygaygu simayoo kama geeriyoonine”. It was when; a true love and brethren were in the hearts of all Somalis regardless of the artificial boundaries set by the colonies! (تِلْكَ اُمّة قَدْ خَلَتْ لَهَاْ مَاْ كَسَبَتْ وَلَكُمْ مَاْ كَسَبْتُمْ وَلأ تُسْئَلُوْن عَمّاْ كَاْنُوا يَعْمَلُون)
Followed by a cohesive and concrete government that set the rules of governance and social order for the next thirty-one years (1960 to 1991) and occupied it’s regional and global positions within the new world order system, such as the UN, OAU, Arab league…etcetera, despite undeniable political slip-ups. Although there was a dawn before the dark!
That was then; and then there is this: a full-blown mayhem that left no one citizen unscathed, a total collapse which disintegrated the entire society into tribal fiefdoms with identical self-proclamation of unfounded sovereignty, and the longest period any country has gone in modern history without a functioning government. All this endorses, the Authenticity of the old saying: “Even poor government is better than nothing”.

Nevertheless, as expected, there was and always will be a difference of ideologies and interests amongst any nation on earth that might sometimes trigger a catastrophic civil-war. But in most cases, unlike Somalia, the bonds of race, religion, culture, origin… so on and so forth, that holds societies together are far greater than their timely differences. Take for an example, the Rwandan civil war, where the worst genocide in contemporary history has taken place. In which statistical anomalies indicate that nearly 20% of the total population of 9 ½ million people has been massacred; just within the first 100 days of the violence! Yet, Rwanda’s national unity is out of touch; regardless of origin and structural difference of the Rwandan society!

However, although there are many questions than conclusions, as why the Somali civil-war is the most awful example in all aspects, in spite of the constitutional criterion of geography, history, race, language, culture, religion and a sense of national identity that brought the Somali people together in the first place. My intention is not to educate anyone about the past or present situation of Somalia; but to explore any scheme that can prevent the barbaric separatism and the polarizing ideology by some Somali tribesmen. Whilst the most populous nations on earth (China) is expanding its demographics, in pushing Taiwan towards mainstream China due to the global challenges facing all nations. Or just on the other side of the border where the 77 million Ethiopian population with different original backgrounds stand united in principal as one nation; apart from those inhabitants of the Somali strayed region of Ogaden, for now.

To that end, I hereby call upon the true Somali intellectuals/scholars around the world, to firmly stand against any attempts by any individual nation meant to divide or dismantle, the hardly acquired and harshly fought unanimity of the Somali nation. In this paragraph, I summed up my sincere gratitude to Professor Abdi Ismail Samater and Dr. Bashir Nur-Bidar for their tireless nationalistic view and fervent devotion for greater Somalia.

To the Somali traditional leaders, they may not agree with it, but I belief, if any segment of the Somali society is to be blamed about the ongoing havoc and social fragmentation in Somalia today. Traditional leaders score the highest Failure. Since, some of them confiscated the title of “traditional leader” to simply further their personal interest rather than the people they vaguely represent. Or perhaps, because of poor personal talent by the rest, with the exception of Grad Jama Grad Ali Grad Jama, whose’ unshakable unitary stand has never been distorted. If not so, (1) they should have preserve the product that was barely achieved by their founding fathers (the Somali nation), (2) they should have understood the conspiracy of the middleman-whose today’s friendship will undoubtedly turn tomorrow’s foe, and (3) they should have preach civility, and skip-over the atrocities of the past among the tribes, just for the sake of the common good, like the Rwandans did;  rather than inciting them for revenge and/or secession.

Finally, hope never ends, for a bad habit to turn around.

NB, prattle challenges will not be responded

Farah H (Kolley)
Denver, Colorado

By Rasaas