Fri. May 20th, 2022

khatumo5Lasanod, Somalia – Former Somali Prime Minister and current parliament member Dr. Ali Kahlif Galeyr has been elected president of the semi-autonomous regional state of Khaatumo at a conference held in the Saax-Dheer village in the Sool region, north of the Somalia.

Dr. Galeyr accumulated 21 votes defeating his predecessor Mohamed Yusuf Jama Indha-Sheel who got only 10 votes.

After the electoral committee announced the result of the election, the former president Mr. Indha-Sheel congratulated his successor Ali Khalif on his victory promising to work with the new president.

The new elected president who held several governmental posts since 1980s is a veteran politician who once served as the Prime Minister of Somalia of the transitional national government early in 2000.

Once hopeful candidate for Somalia presidency in 2012 , Mr Galeyr had spent much of his time trying to secure the leadership of a new administration in the disputed areas between Puntland and Somaliland.

By Rasaas