Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Ethiopian telecommunication and chinese Huawei technology companies went under parliamentary investigation, in Addis Ababa for financial corruption.

The Huawei technologies company imported a us$13 million of electronics materials under the name of Ethiopian telecommunication without its consent avoided paying customs duty.

During October 22, session the Public Accounts Affairs Standing Committee of the Ethiopian parliament debated on the case of the Chinese company Huawei Technologies, which is in the eye of a thunderstorm in Addis Ababa for importing huge materials.

The Huawei technologies company imported these electronics materials before it has won a contract in August 2013. ย The revenues and customs’ authority officials woke up the imports of US$80 million contract and found out that a huge electronics entered the country an inappropriate method.

African nations are struggling to eradicate corruptions that underpin efforts strengthening economics.

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