Wed. May 25th, 2022
Filsan Abdulahi

Filsan’s ability, patriotism, bravery and honesty have broken the barrier of fear and contempt held by Somali politicians working with Ethiopia. Despite being a young woman, she rejects the contempt and scorn of Ethiopian politicians towards the Somali people.
Although Somalis own the second largest territory in Ethiopia, Ethiopia treats Somalis as outsiders and immigrants. Indigenous Ethiopians sincerely believe that the land belongs to Ethiopia and that Somalis came as immigrants.

Filsan was a former Minister of Women, Children and Youth Affairs of the Federal Government of Ethiopia and was warmly welcomed in Nairobi, Kenya. Filsan has decided to resign as Ethiopia’s minister of women, children and youth, as her conscience refuses to cooperate with a government based on coercion and intimidation. Filsan has made it clear that there has been sexual violence in the Tigray region.

Filsan broke a stone wall in the conscience of Somalis after refusing to cooperate with a government that believes in anti-Somali sentiment. Ethiopia illegally shut down Filsan’s independent television station after resigning from government post.
Filsan is characterized by ability, courage and loyalty, which has captured the hearts and minds of the Somali people and the international community.

By Rasaas