Ethiopia’s Liyuu Police accused of murder & rape in Somali border villages


liyuu-599x275Mogadishu, June 12, 2014 – After two weeks of incursion in to several Somali border villages, the Ethiopian troops have withdrawn from some of these villages near the Somali-Ethiopian border of the Bakol region. Details are now emerging regarding several of the atrocities committed by the Ethiopian forces during their stay in these villages.

According to residents of the villages occupied by the Ethiopian troops, houses burnt, property was destroyed and looted, women were raped and killed and many live stocks were taken away by the Ethiopian troops, with the locals accusing the much feared Liyuu Police in particular.

Some of the villages that saw some of the worst crimes perpetrated include Lagalay, Lahelow, Garasweyne and Burdhuhule, where the Ethiopian Liyuu Police reportedly carried out indiscriminate massacres, who according to elders killed men and elderly, and raped women. Chieftain Ali Mumin Mohamed, the clan elder of the local Ligse clan inhabiting the area, confirmed to Harar24 from Burdhuhule, that over twenty people had been killed and property had been seized.

“In the village of Lahelow, around 40 km from Rabdhure, the Liyuu Police raped three women and killed them afterwards, one of them was pregnant. They also attacked three of their children, two were killed while the third was badly injured, we managed to find him after the Liyuu Police left the area” said Malaq Ali Mu’min.

“They also entered the villages of Lagalay, Garasweyne and Burdhuhule, where they raped almost every woman on sight, young or old. They pillaged the village and seized most live stocks, and ended up torching most houses” the clan elder added.

The Liyuu Police still remain in the town of Rabdhure, however locals say that the situation in the town remains unknown, however chieftain Ali Mumin said that they don’t have much hope for the city remaining intact, as they are certain that the same atrocities committed in the surrounding villages will be committed in the town.

The Ethiopian paramilitary forces known as the Liyuu Police have gained notoriety for their brutal ways and have been accused of human rights violations of the Somali territories in Ethiopia. They’ve also been accused of often crossing into Somalia and committing crimes in border villages.