Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

ethioAddis Ababa, Dec 18 – Ethiopia’s Gilgel Gibe III hydro-electric power project will come onstream at the beginning of the next Ethiopian New Year, the Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy said.

Ethiopia’s New Year usually falls on Sept 11 of the Gregorian calendar.

In an exclusive interview with ENA on Tuesday, Minister Alemayehu Tegenu said 80 per cent of construction work on the project had been completed.

The project, which has a capacity to generate 1,870 MW electricity, will commence operations in September next year.

The minister said construction work on other major power projects such as the Genale Dam and the Adama II wind farm were also progressing well.

The construction of these power projects would help the country secure additional revenue from the sale of electricity and increase economic ties with neighbouring countries, Tegenu said.

“The recent 100-MW electricity export deal with neighbouring Sudan will enable Ethiopia secure millions of dollars in revenue each year,” he added.

Installation of the Ethiopia-Kenya power transmission line will be completed during the coming two years, connecting Ethiopia to Kenya’s power grid.

Ethiopia will export 400 MW of electric power to Kenya under the first phase of the project.

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