Thu. May 26th, 2022

Jijiga, October 20, 2018 – Ethiopia’ bad justice taught me to understand that my people are under occupation and suffered under Ethiopian rule which forced my Somali Ogadenian people backward for livelihood, educational and economically and socially.  

Ethiopia’s justice system itself need for justice. Arresting people in Ethiopia does not need court warranty but orders officials. Police have no choice but have to obey orders from their bosses whether it rights or wrongs and keep in cells prisoners without question.

The judicial system in the country is rough, inappropriate, and no regulation just exists only for serving authority instead of nationals. Before the authority has decision court keep on entertaining accusers in appearing on the court as many as the prosecutors want to defend lawyers can not challenge it.

Looking back to Ethiopia’s just system no bail off allow accusers until a court decides guilty or not guilty. So the accused person will remain in jail until court reach decision no matter how long it. National are suffering injustice and what is surprise public do not care this system or they may fear themselves for prosecution, detention or even imprisonment.

I, m Somali belong to Somalis in the Ogaden region, but never identified by myself as Ethiopian, never claimed Ethiopian identity and not want to have it. The Ogaden war 1977, I fled to Somalia where my family settles refugee camp in southern Somalia.

Somali civil war forced my family to return home, where Ethiopian army arrested and interrogated my dad in 1991. The collapse of the Ethiopian communist rule in 1991 my dad got out from the prison and started a new beginning life. He became a farmer at his hometown in Ogadenia. In 2001 Ethiopian troops burnt my dad’s farm and arrest him again by another Ethiopian now EPRDF.

He was in jail for two years without bringing court, then two years and three months later started court proceeding to sentence him.

I was in abroad not seen him for 11 years and I decided to attend the court hearing day. I wanted to see him before the court but the jail administration refused to have access, then I waited till they brought to court.  

Within three months Ethiopian police brought my Dad in court eight-time each time took back to the prison without a decision. We frustrated none of our family could communicate in Amharic, but all we speak in Somali we had to suffer in the hand of bad justice. We felt real pain and sorrow I sat down somewhere by self-thought how we could survive without sovereignty state.

I left in prison my Dad and canceled the European naturalization passport I had decided to be free or die with dignity and became a member of ONLF. 

Still, I am carrying a gun inside Ogadenia waiting for peace negotiations between Ogaden national liberation front (ONLF) and the Ethiopian government. I prefer by hearing good news for peace but If not I will not mind dying for the dignity of my people.           

By Rasaas