Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Nairobi, August 22, 2018 – Twenty days ago, all members of ruling party in the Somali regional administration was called from Addis Ababa unconstitutionally the act over-ruled by the Oromo People Democratic Organisation (OPDO), which took recently dominant role of the Ethiopian coalition party Ethiopian People Republic Democratic Front (EPRDF). 

OPDOthrow out from the window ederal constitution were governing in the Somali region which endorsed by EPRDF. at this time, there is no ruling party exist in the Somali region but there are acting members those called today by voting a new interim president and vice president from the window for three months. 

Mustafe Mohamud Omar Cagjar called to be the an acting president from now nobody knows what will happen in the Somali regionweather the public make demonstration or accept as happened before. The ruling system in the Somali region collapsed (ESDP) while the federal government broke the rule and ordered its military army took over control of the region.

Musfate is UN employee based in Nairobi, he never be a member of the regional ruling party system but he was once normal staff of education office in Jijig.

He was the critic of ex-president Abdi Mohamud Omar who they came from same town. Abdi Mohamud Omar claims the death of his brother ordered Abdi Mohamud Omar.

The central government black out the communication in the Somali region and many made displace by the Ethiopian troops.

By Rasaas