Sat. May 28th, 2022

The Somali regional government has announced in its media that it has raised funds to help the drought-affected people in the Ogaden region. The grants were disbursed by federal agencies, two city administrations, the Herari local government, international agencies and private companies.

According to the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia, the aid is intended to reach the drought-affected pastoralists in the Somali region, and the donations come from the following sources:

35 million birr Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.
70 million birr Federal Revenue Agency.
100 million birr Addis Ababa City Administration.
10 million birr Herari Local Government.
10 million birr Rays Micro finance.
10 million birr Dire Dawa.
42 million birr The World Food Program.
55 million birr Dashin Bank.
40 million birr World Bank (from Japan).
69 million birr federal custom of jigjiga.
200 million birr Government quota.
20 million birr cabinet of somali region
5 million birr Jijiga University
10 million birr Bank of Abbysinia
05 million birr Kebri Dehar University

The total amount of aid received by the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia is 676 million birr ($10.4 million).
In addition, all government employees in the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia will be deducted 30 percent of their salaries over the next three months.

Unless this is an exaggeration and deliberate propaganda that only the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia is turning a blind eye to the grievances of the people of the region, this money will quickly change the living conditions of those in need of emergency assistance.

By Rasaas