Wed. May 25th, 2022

Jijiga, Sept 14, 2018 – Since the Ethiopian military overthrown and tossed into jail the head of the Somali regional state resulted confusion and disorder to the entire region.

For nearly two months Ethiopian military forces patrolling in the streets of Jijiga while the community in the region feels as hostilitiesSettlers from Ethiopian highlands lost confidence because of the military interventions effected ethnically.
People frustrated military take over the control of the region attacked non-Somali settlers when looted their business and fired some churches.

Ethnic confrontation daily report to the police stations between Somalis and non-Somalis. Somalis complain that they cannot alone bypass Amhara-safar (A village resided non-Somalis.) at any time. For this, insecurity is responsible by the military personnel patrolling on the streets those discriminate deliberately to the communities.

The newly brought head of the administration has no role at all security in the region. Somalis are disputing and busy by sharing administration jobs in clans instead of forming authority with the common interest.

Two months later, public and private business are functioning at all, the entire jobs stopped by themselves while the regional employees return to their families some of them escaped from the crisis and crossed the borders while some are hiding neighboring regions in the country.

Poverty is raising into the local people, and low income families are already in bad mood, financial shortage hampered lack of daily transactions bring living condition difficulties the Somali region. 

By Rasaas