Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Nairobi, August 18, 2018 – An unexpected visit paid by the Ethiopian general to the Chinese at the Ogaden oilfield in Jeexdin at the Korahae province on August 17, make a surprise.

The commander in chief for the operation the military took over the control of the Somali regional state Mohamed Tasama with local elders visit at Jeexdin oilfield agitated Somali intellectuals, reported residents.  

The general visit was to ensure and give confidentiality to the Chinese Engineers operating in the Ogaden oilfield during the recent crisis in the Somali region which affected the confidence and the continuation of the projects. 

The GCL-Poly lost the recent crisis in the region two fuel trucks as reported and stoned vehicles carrying on Chines staffs operating in the oilfield at Kebri Dehar.

The GCL-Poly working in the Somali region escorted permanently by huge military personals having several garrisons surround oilfield where Chinese camps locate. Chinese operations in the Ogaden oilfields are seeing the local people as an enemy and not walk throughout the towns freely. 

Visiting military generals to the Ogaden oilfield at this time with a few local nomad elders is not a good sign of making peace and happy to the Somalis but reminding Somalis what always Ethiopia does for dealing wrong people.

The current crisis mainly caused by the prime minister of Ethiopia for his last visit to America while the Somali diaspora asked him the question about the share Somalis will have the Ogden oil. On his return to the country, he sent his military troops to take over the Somali region this is impossible to happen in other Ethiopian regions.

Somalis in Ethiopia feel not part of Ethiopia and Ethiopians themselves not seeing Somalis as real Ethiopians. Unmistakeably, pronounced Somali-Ethiopia but other Ethiopian regions do not annex with Ethiopia such as Oromo, TigrayAmahara and other. 

For many times, the Ogaden national liberation front (ONLF) issued a chile warning to petroleum companies consequently about not conducting the exploitations of the Ogaden oil. Recently the Ethiopian government called in a peace dialogue with the ONLF members of ONLF are in Addis Ababa for some days. 

By Rasaas