Thu. May 26th, 2022

A delegation from Ethiopia will hold talks with Galmudug state following a week of killings from which has left 20 people dead and displaced families.

Goobjoog News has exclusively learnt the Ethiopian team will visit Adado town to hold talks over the killings which both sides are trading accusations on responsibility.

Locals interviewed by Goobjoog News recount of killings and torture by a police squad from the Ethiopian side known as Liyuu. There have been several accusations against Liyuu police of killings and destruction of property. At least 50 people were killed by Liyuu police last year and 200 houses set on fire.

Human Rights Watch has severally accused Liyuu Police which is a paramilitary group created in 2007 in response to the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) of killings and gross violation of human rights.

An elder in a rural area called Frontfor who did not want to be identified said Liyuu police killed 20 people in the last two days and displaced many families.

Hashi Abdi an elder from Mir-owled village told Goobjoog News heavy weapons were used in the fight. The elder accused Liyuu police of killing women and children.

Adado Hospital director Dr. Mohmmad Omar confirmed that 24 people injured from the fight admitted to the hospital. Eight of wounded people have been transferred to Mogadishu Hospitals.

Aid and Humanitarian minister of Galmudg state Shire Hirsi told Goobjoog News that Liyuu Police committed gross violations against residents of border areas. Hirsi called for an international investigation on what happened in these areas “International investigator should be sent in. Women and children have died. Somali Government and International Community should know what happened,” said Shire.

Yassin Abdi Waris who is the commander of security forces in Dollow Somali region of Ethiopia in an interview with BBC Somali service blamed Galmudug state of what happened. He said Galmdug forces attacked Da’der village, which he said is part of Ethiopia. He said their forces retaliated and driven out attacking forces from the village.

Deputy Justice Minister of Galmudug Mohammad Gure Guled called for intervention on what he calls atrocities committed by Liyuu Police in these areas. Source Goobjoog

By Rasaas