Ethiopian Americans to urge Kerry to be firm on human rights issues in Ethiopia


Ethiopian Americans have a message for Secretary of State John Kerry: Be firm on human rights violations in Ethiopia.

The message will be conveyed when the activists protest beginning 10:00Am on Monday at State Department in the nation’s capital.

The tyrannical regime in Addis has launched fresh rounds of arrests that included key figures of the opposition Blue Party, dozens of Blue Party members as well as seven bloggers known for their independent way of writing. The arrests were made ahead of a planned protest rally on Sunday in Addis.

It is to be recalled that John Kerry had in his previous speech mentioned prominent Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega as evidence that human rights violations in Ethiopia are rampant and of serious concern to the US government. Eskinder is serving 18 years in prison for being a blogger, yes, a blogger.

“A year to go before the ‘general elections,’ the regime is tightening the noose around freedom of speech, opinion and thought,” Blue Party North America support group said in a statement, calling on fellow Ethiopians and their friends in Washington DC metro and surrounding areas to join the protest rally and express outrage at the TPLF-led government’s ongoing human rights violations.