Sat. May 28th, 2022

Nairobi, August 22, 2018 – A reliable source from Jijiga said members of the Ethiopian military forces raped several women some places in the Somali region revealed by residents.


Nasra Abdulahi Hassan and Yusra Barkhad Bare are the latest victims raped in Jijiga on Sunday night on August 19, 2018. The two ladies lived in rented home in Kabale 04, and several members of military force took unknown. People we obtained from this report requested not to publish their names for safety reasons.

Informations obtained from Jijiga Town say “the Ethiopian troops enter residentials at night time and pick up females by pretending they are asking questions related to an incident held in the town one month ago.”The military personals told secretly the local individuals they sought HEEGO members.

In this situation civilians can not challenge activities conducting by the military personals, because the Somali region is under control of the federal army.  

Other places reported similar incidents of raping include Gode the second largest town in the Somali autonomous, we are tracking to get names of the victims.

Many civilians fled the from the main towns while the Ethiopian army took control of the Somali regional state one month ago. Since then few families return to the towns include Jijiga but the most of the hide in villages no present by Military Army.

All the business activities in the region halt communications cut off by the government. People fled from the town and those returned the towns need humanitarian assistant.   

The Human Rights Watch issued consequences reports demanding Ethiopian government to let independent bodies to investigate crimes happened in the Somali region during for the last ten years.

By Rasaas