Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Elections are a matter for the people to choose a party or a leader. The people have the choice of any party or leader they want, and the people’s vote determines the success of the contest (pallot box). Voting should be by voluntary vote, by the leader or party he or she is satisfied with.

Before the election, it is important to implement measures that will facilitate the election process such as; The census must be made available, the date of the election, the parties or leaders competing and the number of polling stations must be clarified. It is important that every citizen has the opportunity to vote, to choose the party or leader they want. Voters must be registered and have a voting ID card.

In this type of voting, the people have the power to choose the leadership of the people or democracy.

The question is will Ethiopia hold elections?
Yes an election will be held, but it will not be held in the type of election we described above. In the Ethiopian election, the people do not have a choice of leader, but the leader tells the people to vote without saying a word.

What kind of elections will take place in Ethiopia?
If the truth is not hidden, Ethiopia will not have an election and is not ready to hold democratic elections in which the people have power, but there will be bogus elections.

If there is no popular election, what are the registered parties competing for?
The parties in Ethiopia themselves are not a party based on strict rules and regulations that protect the rights of the party and its leaders. We know that a party that opposes the government will be stripped of its party affiliation and the politician who speaks the truth will be arrested, without going through a legal process like the Oromo Federalism Congress (OFC). It is wrong to give a party name, those who are afraid to show their opposition to a government that violates the rule of law cannot support the people.

Ethiopia’s opposition parties are running in the election knowing the outcome, but they are really tired. they are campaigning for an election knowing that the government will remain in power.

By Rasaas