Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Jijiga, rasaasa Feb 23, 2021 – In the last three weeks, a large number of ONLF members have been arrested in the Somali region. Although members of the ONLF have been arrested, there is no motive behind the arrests, but they have been released without trial.

These intimidating acts against ONLF members and supporters seem to be intended to anger ONLF officials who signed a peace agreement with Ethiopia in 2018.

The acting president of the Somali region, who recently spoke to people from the Ogaden region in Nairobi, said he would disband the ONLF, but did not say whether Abiy Ahmed’s government was behind the provocations against ONLF members or whether he was alone. .

A delegation led by former ONLF chairman Mohamed Omar Osman arrived in Addis Ababa last week and is expected to hold talks with the central government on the latest developments in the region.

Ethiopia’s central government is under increasing political and economic pressure from the international community over the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia and its response to Abiy Ahmed’s government.

The Ogaden region has been a hotbed of conflict for the past three decades, and there are fears that the conflict could resume if the Ethiopian government does not maintain the current peace.

By Rasaas