Sat. May 28th, 2022

Jijiga, Oct 15, 2019 – A Fighting broke out at Sitti zone in the Somali regional State, where an extreme confrontation deals with two regional armies. 

Afar and Somali Liyu Police battling inside the Sitti zone in the Somali regional state, fueling and associating battle furious civilians with armed militias. The death toll of both sides including civilians reaches around 65 persons. 

Afar regional State officials speaking on the BBC blame the aggression of the fighting on foreign interference. 

Afar regional officials blamed on going fighting to the Djibouti army those crossed international border by killing civilian, as well as Somali regional state attacked parallelly while Somali officials remain silence.

The Ethiopian chief of army commander on televised said there are conflict between pastoral community of Afar and Somalis for eight months, where federal government sent federal army to stop violence. 

Somali elders in the Sitti zone blaming to the aggression of conflict the Afar regional state for sending its Liyu Police by entering zone border 100km into the Somali side killing nomads and taking animals.

Since, the Abiye Ahmed took office in April 2018 there have been clash between the Somali civilian and Afar Administration. Somalis demand to get back three districts annexed illegally to Afar region by the previous Ethiopian government.

Five months ago, Somali regional cabinet ruled out to return the three districts into the Somali administration those annexed to the Afar region without followed legal bases of the country. 

By Rasaas