Sat. May 28th, 2022

Dubad saddened by the drought in the Somali region

The first official from the Ogaden Somali Regional State spoke patriotically for the first time about the drought. Mr. Mubashir Dubad opened his mouth in response to the devastating effects of the drought on the nomadic population and their livestock.

Mubashir Dubad, the security chief of the Ogaden Somali Regional State, called on the Ogaden Somali people everywhere to come to the aid of the famine-stricken people.

Mr. Mubashir Dubad, whose voice echoes the sentiments of his fellow human beings, reiterates his commitment to the people of Somalia, and not to the state alone.

Mubashir, with tears in his eyes, said, “People in the city, life is not worth it when our people in the countryside are dying of misery.”

Mr. Mubashir Dubad, who visited some districts in the Somali region of Ogaden, appealed to religious scholars, businessmen, regional administration officials, the diaspora and all influential people to go to television and mosques and make promises.

By Rasaas