Mon. May 23rd, 2022

July 16, 2014 – Under Federal deral Government Assessment in Somali Region of Ethiopia Dr. Ismail Qodax wrote the followings about the Woyane crimes, genocides and corruption in Kilil Somali.

President Abdi Illey who has ruled in an iron fist, has corrupted the regional state and has created bogus Diaspora offices in the last three years.It has been known that President has alienated other Somalis except his own clan while he has been ruling with an iron fist. He has used “Liyu Police” to harass and jail whoever he might think to oppose him; although, he was pretending to fight ONLF and those who do not want to see peace in Somali Region. In other words, EPRDF has crowned Abdi, the father of security.

Having exhausted lies and fabricated stories, Abdi Illey is figuring out how to stay in power; a few months ago, he boasted to separate from Ethiopia because he had twenty thousand Liyu Police militias, and this has precipitated the thoroughly investigation of his power and open a Pandora’s box of hidden abuses. 35 percent of the Somali regional budget is currently injected in the military, the Liyu Police’s equipment’s and ammunitions.

The other important elements to be the stroke that broke the camel back were his bad governance, the corruption and the mismanagement of Diaspora affair. Somali Regional President has been misusing the budget of the regional government without transparency and accountability. Spending thousands dollars in Diaspora, Abdi has managed to fool the federal officials that he was working hard to collect money and fund the dam that is under construction.

Moreover, he set up committees in Diaspora loyal to his political ideology and alienates Somalis, originally from Somali Region, who do not have any clan affiliation with him. For example, he has recruited Somalis from Somalia and opened office to promote his own distorted politics. He sent some money to Diaspora, collected back and informed the federal government that the Somalis in Diaspora have raised some fund for the dam.

Conclusion of what Dr Ismail Qodax reported:

– 2013/1014 total budget: $218 million
– $76.3 million or 35% of Kilil Somali Budget is injected in the Woyane military, Liyu Police’s equipment’s and ammunitions
– the remaining 65% will be also used by Woyane military officials and also corrupted Somali officials including Abdi Iley and his frogs from his clan and family.
– no basic services for normal people; citizens of the region who are pastoralists and in drought situation.

By Rasaas