Sun. May 29th, 2022

Jijiga, Dec 18, 2021 -Amoud University in Somaliland lays foundation stone for 40 million Birr library in Awbare district.

The president of Ethiopia’s Somali regional state, who was present at the quarry, said the regional administration would add 3 million Birr.

Curriculum up to university level in the Somali region is set by the Ethiopian colonialists. Somali students are taught history, culture, language and being Ethiopian, while disguising the Somaliness of the people of the region.

Awbare and other cities deserve to build libraries and centers that can help Somali children learn science, geography, culture, history and language based on their Somali identity.

We welcome Amoud University and call on other Somali universities to get involved in education in the Somali region so that the region can emerge from the darkness of more than 70 years of education delays.

If Amoud University, which has a long history of promoting education in Somalia, now has an educational connection in the Somali region, will it change the illiteracy in the Somali region?

By Rasaas