Wed. May 18th, 2022

The Somali government has a lot of things to do. Government institutions are not functioning, no power to rule, have no trust of its people. Its salaries paid by United Nation, foreign troops are securing the safety of the government’s members.

The government has limited power but still fueling divisions the Somali people and blowing a hatred whistle will not call as respected government.

It was a week ago, while Hassan Sheikh’s government had failed a campaign war against Jubaland administration, which it began at Kismayo, where stable since the Kenyan troops with the Jubaland militants had driven out of Alshabab groups from the town six months ago.

Hassan Sheikh’s government put aside all its good governing responsibility to the country and put all its awful efforts to Kismayo.It is not explained clearly why it puts massive pressure to the young autonomous state of Jubaland. The motive is simple but treble motivated behind narrow minded ideology, which is based on tribe domination objective.

Hassan Sheikh appointed 24 men called a committee of Kismayo peace negotiators. On the date elected Ahmed Sheikh Mohammed president of Jubaland autonomous, Hassan sent what he called a committee to the Kismayo to begin campaign dividing community living the town.

This committee could not win by diving in this community. Hassan again sent his last mission led by his minister of defense Abdihakin Fiqi. Fiqi pretended as honest minister and he was allowed to visit army under command of Jubaland state army chiefs.FiQi was stayed here in Kismayo one month, and at last he won to get small members in the army and appointed to one of his delegates to led the army.

Fiqi and his delegates started a battle at Kismayo to claim they have one part of the Kismayo, but the Jubaland army force crushed within two days. Fiqi with injured militants surrounded to the AMISOM troops and then flew to Mogadishu with his hurt militants.

The Jubaland state and international Somali peace makers understand the awful policy of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. International peace makers recommended to the President Hassan to avoid an intensive interference to this new administration that may will bring instability to the region and should concentrate to other wider obligations. They also advised to review the federal constitution.

In truth, Hassan Sheikh does not want peace nor good governance in Somalia but eager to stop and prevent using the federal constitution in Somalia, which the international community and Somalis have chosen to be only one can bring peace and stability in the country.

Hassan Sheikh again sent his second selective delegates to campaign neighboring countries to get political influence politicians and misled neighboring countries. While Hassan Sheikh and his government organizing rebels to start a fight in the neighboring countries.

Hassan Sheikh’s government faced deadlock policy to the region for its attempt to destroy Jubaland state of Somalia and what the public want.

By Rasaas