President Abdi Promise for Running Water


garrbo.2Dhanaan, July 13, 2013 – Delegate led President Abdi were rested in stopover at Dhanan district, where he made on a promise of getting water distribution within a short period. Mr. Abdi was speaking to the crowds gathered at the suburb of Dhanan to give their president welcome.

Mr. Abdi and his companions were started travel on land from Jijig days ago; they were crossed throughout the Nogob region towards Shabeele region in the Somali state of Ethiopia. Mr. Abdi’s travel is based on security assurance and to look at development works on the remote districts.

President Abdi was speaking to the people he met at districts, and he was asking questions related to their needs to show them government reassurance. During on his travel he was making promise of delivering projects covering needs in the districts.

Despite, his government made some achievement its too small for huge needs in the Somali state of Ethiopia.