Fri. May 20th, 2022

Dire Dawa, August 15, 2018 – Mobs from the Oromo ethnics are Looting, vandalising on business and residential homes continue in the town of Dire Dawa, “say residents”.

Some parts of the town, Somali residents abandon their homes and fleeing since the conflict erupted in this administration on 5th of August 2018. Some people say the Dire Dawa conflict related to the Jijiga blast but others claim it existed in a year.

Yesterday traditional elders from both sides met in Dire Dawa to solve distrust and ethnic hatred growing in the town and the related areas. The meeting chair two chiefs representing both sides and attended Dire Dawa Administration and military commanders.

There are a lot of attempts dealing with the central government, local administrations and local security to bring back in peace and security into the region.

Waves of the blast hit into the Jijiga town was hindered by the Ethiopian troops that diminished a peaceful situation enjoyed by the dwellers in the town and brought an atmosphere of insecurity expanded to all the Eastern region of Ethiopia.

Somali people in Dire Dawa feel insecure due to the conflict between the ethnicity, Oromos want to push out Somali from the town. Halima Awale is among Somalis living in Oromos area in Dire Dawa. She desired to evacuate her home because of threats from her Oromo neighbours. Yesterday morning she loaded her stuff rented lory her neighbours refused to leave unless she paid EBr. 4,000 demanded mobs.

Somali families in Dire Dawa are suffering continues attack, threat and abusive words by Oromo mobs who looting homes fled owners, business and killing persons find lonely.

The social media and minor individuals fueling the conflict by airing hate speech and text.

By Rasaas