Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

On the night of October 15, 2009, Ibado Mohamed Ahmed was summarilly executed by ONLF thugs in her house at about 10:00 p.m,  infront of her seven children in Sagag, Kilil-5. The children ranged in age from toddlers ot teenagers. Just a few weeks before the execution, Ibado and her relatives allegedly reported that the commanding officer of the NEW POLICE- a Gestapo like and a ruthless force of kilil-5-has threatened to put her life to an end.

Princess Ibado’s husband was in Jijiga at the time of her execution. He went there to rent a house. He felt that Sagag was not safe for the family. He had extra-ordinary sixth sense perception, that his family was at risk of physical extermination by ONLF(Ogaden National Liberation Front); or the new Gestapo Police of Kilil-5; or by the high and the mighty Christian troops of EPRDF federal Ethiopia. He knew the affairs of local Sagag politics very well; he was born there; and he grew up there; he was trying to make a safe passage for his family from Sagag to Jijiga( the capital); he was trying to create a normal semblance of life for his family.

Unfortunately, in that fateful night, five men armed with automatic weapons-AK-47s,pistols and hardgrenades- came to the house Princess Ibado. Four of them were wearing masks to hide their identities; The fifth one didn’t care to hide his identity.He is the cousin of the Police Gesto commanding officer of Sagag, who previously threatened Ibado.The teenage children of Ibado recognized him. The four masked men were from ONLF. They knocked at the door of Ibado’s house, demanding to open up.

Ibado went to one of the windows of the house immidiately. She tried to open it; but it was firmly locked; and therefore, could not open it. She was highly scared; her body was shaking all over;she was clumsy and she could not open the window on time.She was trying to escape through the window.

In the meantime, the five murderers heard the noises being made at the window; they realized that someone was to escape through the windows. They kicked in the front door using their heavey boots; and the door was ajar instantly.At this moment Ibado was at the window frantically trying to open it;but she could not do so. One of the men advanced on the helpless unarmed woman ,with his AK-47 assault rifle. He emptied 30 rounds of ammunition on her, from a distance of just 15 feet. Princess Ibado died instantly.

The seven children have flattened their bodies on the floor; to avoid the bullets. Unfortunately, the two-year-old and the five-year-old girl, got trapped below their mother’s body; and both of them got entirely socked with their mother’s blood.
Princess was buried; and her seven children were taken to Jijig, to their father.The father, the maternal garandmother and other relatives are taking care of the children.
Now people from Sagag, Kilil-5,Ethiopia,Europe, The Middle East,North America and Australia are asking why ONLF foot soldiers made this senseless and cruel murder of princess Ibaado.

These are the reasons:

1.The commanding police officer(who thinks his job is to intimidate,brutilize and terrorize the civilians;in order to put a smile in the mouths of his Tigrean sadist overlords),said Ibado insulted the kilil-5 police.
2.The ulterior motive for the elimination of Ibado is that she is from Nogob royal family of REER OMAR UGAS, who are the traditional rulers of the Somali clans of NOGOB for two centuries; and it could out of the good offices and the good name of the royal family.
3.It could out of grievance or revenge of a small incident, done by a member of the royal family,that place decades ago.ta
4.Or it could be the pathological hatred that ONLF has for Ibado’s subclan.
Consequently, suspicion is there that there was collaboration between ONLF and Gestapo police to kill princess Ibado and other royal family members. The men who mercilessly executed Ibado are difinitely from ONLF; but the man who guided them to bait is from the NEW POLICE. These two entities are supposed to arch-enemeis in the eyes; but somehow they cooperated to kill Ibado.

However, the saddest thing in this tragedey, a large number of the members of Nogob royal family,still believe that ONLF is liberating them from EPRDF(despite what happened to Ibado).They don’t understand that ONLF is striving to liberate itself from,from the centuries old royal rule and ifluence of REER OMAR UGAS. Whatever they believe in, I wish good to the royal of Nogob.


By Rasaas