Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

The ONLF rebel chief commander’s body was found by Kenyan police in a street in Nairobi on Tuesday morning. His lifeless body was taken to the Kenyata general Hospital where coroners examined his body. Abdi Abdulahi was the maternal ucle of Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman, chair of peace opposed ONLF rebel faction.

ONLF rebel spilt into two factions, one of the factions signed a peace deal with the Ethiopian government in late 2010. By exchanging the government releasing 1004 ONLF prisoners and a similar number have disarmed and integrated into society.

Since, then the rebel faction, which was refused to take in part with the peace deal have started to turn their guns on the other rebel faction which signed the peace deal with the government and their supporters.

The Somali regional state elite forces (known as the “new police”) have driven out the rebel army almost out of the Ogaden region.

Major numbers of the ONLF rebel members forced crossing the border to Kenya, where they found shelter at Dadab refugee camps. For nearly one year, there was tension and division among the Ogadenis at Dadab refugee camps where the rebel members in the camps threates everyone who supports peace with Ethiopia.

Abdulahi dheer, was a tycoon who had a Kenyan passport, who originated from the Ogaden region. He was killed in an assassination near Nairobi. Following this assassination, a high rank official of UWSLF at Garrissa was killed, Sheikh Mohamed Dubad, his rebel also signed the peace deal with Ethiopia.

Since then, it’s become widely normal killing in the Ogadeni people, committing by rebel members and its supporters living in Kenya.
Kenyan security does not care on going killing assassination targeted to the people from Ogaden region. Kenya’s government gives welcome refugees from the Ogaden, but does not protecting the civilian people need to save.

It’s clear that both ONLF rebel function and supporters are widely present in Kenya and its possible internal fighting among the rebel and Ogadeni peace lovers who cause revenge killings.

The recent killing of Abdi Abdulahi is revealing that no one among the Ogadeni people in Keyna are safe.

The Ethiopian parliament have just passed a decision about labelling terrorist group to three local rebels including ONLF and two international rebels. But it will be hard to distinguish the ONLF factions those signed peace with the government and those refused.

Many local people are worried about the word “terrorist” that it will be possible to be a card use by the authority to hurt the national individuals in the Somali regional state as happened in 2006/9, when the authority was arrested in many people by the name of ONLF.

Kaydsane Xuseen,

By Rasaas