Wed. May 25th, 2022

Covid-19 infection, particularly the new Omicron strain, has spread widely throughout Ethiopia.

There are only two Covid-19 infection testing sites in the country and they are located in Addis Ababa. Both sites are funded by USAID and are designed to screen people leaving the country, as screening is a requirement for overseas travel.

Thirteen months of civil war in Ethiopia have had a devastating effect on the country’s services as a whole, with the government unable to provide services to the people as the country’s economy is in crisis.

Ethiopia is currently the victim of unresolved civil wars, severe drought, internal displacement and the Covid-19 epidemic that is currently affecting large numbers of people.

According to reports, people are getting sick and sleeping in their homes, as there is no health service in the country to screen for CV-19 infection.

At both locations in Addis Ababa, the cost of the Covid-19 test is 2,000 Birr, which must be purchased only by travelers abroad.

Although Ethiopia has been given the free Covid-19 vaccine, it has been administered by government officials and only those who can afford the vaccine.

In the Somali region people are suffering from Covid-19 Infection, especially the new Omicron strain, and there is no laboratory test for Covid-19 Infection.

By Rasaas