Sat. May 28th, 2022

Thirteen civilians have been arrested in Ceel-Ogaden district of Korahae region.
The reason for the arrests is said to be that some of them wrote on Facebook that there is a lack of water in Ceel-Ogaden district, and some of them shared the text with the public and some liked it.

Social networking sites such as Facebook have become the most dangerous place for people to be convicted and sentenced to imprisonment in Ethiopia in general and in the Somali Ogaden region in particular. In the Somali Ogaden region, 100 percent of detainees are arrested for reading, writing or sharing Facebook posts.

This week alone, more than 150 people have been arrested in the Somali Ogaden region in various districts, most of whom have not been registered. The only source of information for the detainee receive relatives of that person after posting on social media.

In the Somali Ogaden region, there are no independent organizations that advocate for the rights or registration of detainees without cause. Similarly, there is no independent media in the region that broadcasts news related to daily events, and the only source of information is the state television, which only broadcasts administrative news.

The people with these names are prisoners. They were arrested last week in Ceel-Ogaden district, on charges of posting on Facebook.

  1. Yusuf Gaad-haye Muhumed
  2. Sadam Muhumed Askar
  3. Abdi Yusuf Askar
  4. Bashir ahmed Sahal Werar
  5. Bashir Abdikoriye
  6. Hirsi Mohamed change
  7. Abdishakur sharif afwaranle
  8. Ahmed Rage gas
  9. Kifaax Hasan Arab Hudle
  10. Abdinasir Bashir Adar
  11. Abshir wacdar
  12. Abshir Muhumed mahdi Ali
  13. Mohamed Badal Ali

By Rasaas