Thu. May 26th, 2022

MadobeKismay, Sep 12, 2013 – The blast killed at least fifteen people most of them are bodyguards of President Ahmed Madobe, and civilian people gather to give Madobe warm welcome.

A car loaded with explosives collided to the vehicle carrying Ahmed Madobe, at Aargada Kismayo, area.


The incident came shortly after the airplane carrying the leader landed at Kismayo  Airport. The delegate returned from Mogadishu where had visited to proceed   the agreement reached recently with the federal government at Addis Ababa.


President Ahmed Madobe and his driver survived the car blast, but at least four people died in his vehicle.


The dead tolls are 15 and  35  injured. The death and injuries could raise due to many civilians stand on bank roads.

Nobody has claimed behind the blast, the administration already finger out to the group linked Al Qaeda, Al Shabab.


The Somali Federal government opposed to the establishment of Jubaland state by claiming that it has a constitutional right for appointing the administration. Alternatively,  the administration believed it has constitutional right for building its own state. This argument went gun confrontation in June and July.


A few days ago, concluded  a tough negotiation in Addis Ababa where both parts signed a handmade agreement prepared by the IGAD.

Unnamed politician dwellers suggest that the attack was revolutionary planned by the SFG and its associated groups against the Addis Ababa agreement.

“Wixii xunba Xaawaa leh” Now in Somalia all evil actions  belong by Al Shabaab but  a truth of Kismayo blast not far from the groups opposes on Addis Ababa agreement. A businessman in Kismayo said nobody knows the truth behind the blast.

By Rasaas