Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

barkhad abdiBarkhad Abdi faces immigration hearing over past criminal offences. Somali-Born Actor Barkhad Abdi, who found fame playing Abduwali Muse, a Somali pirate in the 2013 film Captain Phillips faces a possible hearing this week with the US Customs and Border Protection.

The 28-year-old who has become a legal American resident, living in Minnesota, was on his way back to the US after receiving a BAFTA in London when he was reportedly stopped and questioned about his criminal history, including arrests for drug possession and credit card fraud.

One of the offence committed by was a drug arrest. A police report said: “On arrival, two subjects were holding another subject down on the ground after he had allegedly ingested a plant leave material called ‘Khat’ and drank a partial bottle of liquid Tylenol.

“The combination of the two caused the subject to lose control of his faculties and attempt to jump out of a moving vehicle.”

The charge was later dismissed by Iowa Court.

Abdi, who arrived in the US via Yemen at the age 14, was later arrested on suspicion of credit card fraud in North Dakota and Minnesota.

The BAFTA-winning actor, who has never denied his past, told the Daily Beast in February: “Our mistakes shape us.

“You make a mistake and it makes you a better person. You learn from it. I wasn’t a complete man.”

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