Thu. May 26th, 2022

Addis Ababa, January 15, 2012 [ras] – President Abdi Mohamoud Omar reshuffled some of his ministers to find a position to his new minister who had dismissed from the minister of trade in the federal government.

Presidential aid minister and vice president of the Somali State Abdifatah Mohamed read out this morning the list of new cabinets reshuffled by the President Abdi.

1. Abdiqadir Iman is a minister of agriculture an ex-minister of education.
2. Rashid Guled is a minister of education and ex-health minister.
3. Habib Mohamed is a minister of Health and ex-head of revenue and customs Bureau.

Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed [Gurey] was appointed to be a head of revenue and customs Bureau, which held by Habiib Mohomud before this morning.
Abdirahman was a minister of trade in the federal government and was  dismissed from the Office three months ago for not clarified reasons, but referred to the Somali State.

By Rasaas