Breaking News: Ethiopia Expels Ogaden Woman From Her Home Town


Ader Ahmed KahinAdar Ahmed Kahin, an American national of Ogaden origin was forced out of her hotel which she had been residing in for one week.

Ader ahmed Kahin, is a famous singer and was a member of the Waberi team of somalia, before the Siad Barre regime collapsed in 1991. She lived in  America for the last twenty two years.

The Somali regional authority provides an unusually lavish and warm welcome to members of the Ogaden diaspora community in order to diminish support and affiliation for the ONLF.

Ader Ahmed Kahin received a generous state-level welcome in Jijiga, where more than 10 ministers participated in greeting her at wiilwaal airport.

Normally diaspora’s arriving at Jijiga are forced to take public TV interviews, and are expected to praise the president and his team as well as insulting the ONLF rebels.

However, Ader refused to take part in any television interviews and was offered payment to change her mind. Ader still refused and as a result was ejected from her hotel by the authorities and sent to an Addis Ababa airport where she was ordered to leave the country and return to the US.