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Jijiga, May 15, 2013 โ€“ Text news received from the election committee acting like all the traditional leaders from the three regions of Gedo, central Juba and Lower Juba, those have been based at the Airport of the coastal city of Kismayu confirmed this morning at last they have elected president of Jubaland State of Somalia Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed Islam [Ahmed-madoo].

The elders from the three regions have been seated at Kismayu for the last three months to form the Jubaland State of Somalia as defined article 39 of the Somali federal constitution.

Since the plan began, there were many of the criticize from the different part of Somalia, including the federal government that divided the parliament and the politicians throughout the country. Media fight based on tribal interest and not vision of unitary spread widely inside and outside the country.

The property owner from the three regions did not listen to the criticism from the outside of the Jubaland State even the prime minister Abdi Farah, who opposed personally and in many times attempted to stop establishing Jubaland State.

The traditional leaders resisted all these treble evil associated activities planned to fail creation of Jubaland State. To meet the interest of all Somalis, particularly people in three regions the elders gathered and made the last decision at Kismayu the centre of the Jubaland State without receiving any support from the Somali government and abroad financially and morally.

The election held at Kismayu airport was fair and free from political interference and tribal influence from no one. All the contestants come from the Jubaland State, and satisfied the way handled election today.

As far we know the contestant congratulate the winner of election President Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed Islam. The presidential ceremony will hold at Kismayu in the following days.

However, the job not finished yet. The committee selected from the traditional leaders of the three regions are waiting to choose the members of Jubaland parliament. To complete the building of Jubaland State at last the President Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed Islam will choose his cabinet members from the parliament.

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