Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Ayale is a native of Amhara and has been awarded a contract by the Somali regional administration in Denan district of Shabelle region. The value of the project awarded to Mr Ayale was 3.5 million Birr and the project was one of the small projects designed to improve the lives of the residents of Denan County.

Mr Ayale did not do anything about the project which was supposed to have already ended and he misappropriated the money. Mr Ayale has borrowed heavily from construction companies in Denan County for 1.5 million Birr.

Mr Ayale was prosecuted by his creditors and later arrested by Denan District Police Chief Abdifatah Hussein Dubad (Maradonna).

Mr Ayale’s family has lodged a complaint with the Somali Regional Police Commander General Mohamed Yare over the phone ordering Denan District Police Commander to release Ayale immediately. The Denan District Police Commander, who is confident in his legal credentials, told General Mohamed that Ayale was legally bound and this led to a dispute between the two police chiefs.

Minutes later, Abdifatah Hussein Dubad, the Shabelle regional police chief, called and told him to come to Gode to discuss Ayale. Unfortunately Abdifatah Hussein Dubad was arrested in Gode and his phone was confiscated.

This is just one of the strange incidents in the Somali region where the property of the Somali people is being illegally looted by people from other ethnic groups in Ethiopia, and anyone who speaks out against the law will be imprisoned.

Yesterday we wrote that the people of the Somali region are being illegally extorted by the federal government which is compulsory.

By Rasaas