Mon. May 23rd, 2022

oil_1803605c-348x160July 9, 2014 – Africa Oil is currently carrying out three projects in Ethiopia. Canadian-based oil firm Africa Oil will collect seismic data from a new oil exploration block in Arba Minch, southern Ethiopia

Africa Oil acquired the new oil exploration block in southern Ethiopia rift valley system back in February from the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines, the company said.

The block is covering 42,000 sq km of land in the great East Africa Rift Valley, according to Africa Oil.

The Vancouver-based company has been prospecting for oil in the Ogaden and in South Omo basins, it said.

A senior official at the Ministry of Mines revealed that Africa Oil, working alongside with Tullow Oil and New Age, is pushing for further oil exploration activities to be carried out.

The official added that Africa Oil has vast experience in exploration and extracting oil in African countries.

Africa Oil currently has three projects in Ethiopia consisting of blocks 7 & 8 in the OgadenBasin of eastern Ethiopia, the Adigala Block close to the border with Somalia and Djibouti and the South Omo Block which lies in the Omo Rift Valley of south-western Ethiopia.

Source: Oil Review Africa

By Rasaas