Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

The Canadian oil company, Africa Oil, has undertaken seismic surveys in different parts of Ethiopia. A senior official at the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines told The Reporter that the company has completed seismic survey in Block 2,6, 7and 8 in the Ogaden basin.

The company has integrated new data with the existing seismic data with a view to preparing a prospective areas map.

The company is focusing on the Elkuran locality in blocks 7 and 8.

Africa oil completed 2D seismic in the company’s concession in the Adiquala block.

Data processing and interpretation has been completed.

Based in Vancouver, the company has exploration blocks in Ethiopia, Puntland and Kenya.

The company bought all the concessions from the Swedish company, Lundin Petroleum.

Africa Oil owns blocks 2 and 6 (24,420, blocks 7 and 8 (21,758, Adiquala (27,193 and the South Omo Valley (29,465

The company has sold a 50 percent stake in South Omo to the British Oil company, Tullow Oil. Tullow is expected to launch seismic survey this year.

Tullow Oil has discovered a huge amount of crude oil reserve in the Albert basin of Uganda.

Africa Oil bought the South Omo concession from White Nile, a British oil company.

The government of South Sudan has a stake in White Nile.

By Rasaas