Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

News published on the internet says that the American visa office in London rejected furiously a third attempt of a visa for Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman. He applied three times for a visa at the US Embassy in London that he wanted to travel to North America but the immigration department double checked his application and found his name blacked listed meaning that he can not set foot on American soil.

Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman is one of a few army generals who have applied for political asylum in the United Kingdom after the collapsed Somali state. Later, he became a British citizen, and has been living in the United Kingdom for more than seventeen years.

He had visited the US several times in the past for organising Community events for the Somali Ogaden people living in the US to give support to the ONLF rebels fighting against Ethiopia and there was no question about him for entry into the US.

Mr. Osman was a leader of one of the Ethiopian opposition rebel groups called ONLF that represents and fights for the independence of the Ogaden region inhabited by Somali ethnics in Ethiopia. ONLF had broken into two factions and his faction has a base in Asmara, Eritrea. Eritrea hosts quite a few opposition rebels from its neighbour countries including the Somali hardliners Islamist Alshabab.

Ethiopia’s government have accused Eritrea for hampering the Somali conflict and supporting rebel groups operating in Ethiopia such as ONLF, which killed 74 innocent civilians including 9 Chinese workers.

Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman has strong links with Eritrea and travels frequently to Eritrea. The UN Security Council recognised Eritrea as a terrorist state and has put an embargo on it early this year.

ONLF supporters oppose and blame admiral Mohamed Omar Osman, because it is believed that he was behind the assassination of Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal a British citizen and a leader of another ONLF faction. Unfortunately, Dr. Dolal’s body has not been seen, but pictures of his dead body was displayed on the internet.

The UK government knows Osman’s political involvement in the horn of Africa and his active role of organising emigrates in the western country, but it does interfere with him as he is not breaking a British law except enjoying an illegal pension that he is not entitled to.

Dr. Dolal’s family live in London with six children and a widow that have been tormented by an unjustified killing by a British citizen living in the same city. The eldest daughter has been trying to bring Mohamed Omar Osman to the British justice system to question him about his involvement of killing her late father. She was born in the United Kingdom and it’s hard to accept the death of her father without proof. She promised that she will not rest until she finds the true killer of her father.

The visa rejection of Mohamed Omar Osman may be due to someone passing related information to the US security department, British MI5 or the US security intelligence following his movements.

In the past, British police have asked him questions about his irregular travel to Eritrea, and what he was doing there. The police interviews have concluded that he is not a threat to British security.

Dr Dolal’s, daughter who has been chasing the body of her father has clashed with British foreign officials and blame them that they do not care for the black British citizen what so ever.

The involvement of Mohamed Omar Osman with the killing of Dr. Dolal has widely divided the Somali Ogaden Community in all the western countries, especially the United Kingdom. If this situation continues and the home office does not taken steps to investigate Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman, the Somali Ogaden community in the United Kingdom may take justice into their own hands in the form of revenge.

Mohamed Yusuf Shiil

By Rasaas