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Addis Abab, June 13, 2011 – A Swedish firm, Swedesurvey, has won a contract to restructure the Addis Ababa City land and tenure management system. The project, to be completed in two years, would cost the Addis Ababa city administration 33 billion birr, according to the Reporter.

The city administration’s land Information Registry System Formulation Project Department chose the company from among 16 national and international companies in the sector. Earlier, the bid attracted 16 companies.

According to Zerihun Amdemariam, chief of the project department, who signed the deal with Swedesurvey, his department selected the Swedish company after finding that it keeps high standards in the global market. The company was also awarded the project for the newly established Non-moveable Assets Registration and Information Agency.

In the words of Zerihun Amdemariam, the administration envisages a new cadaster map and registry of Addis Ababa city using modern information system, which would make it easy for them to administer the city as well as its allocations.

Under the two-year project, Swedesurvey would collect the 540 cadaster information of the capital city. Besides, it would assimilate data on the rightful property ownership and complete the legalities of registration.

Under the new registry system, besides the regular map information, such as utility lines, buildings, hills, roads, and rivers, unique codes would be assigned to the different components of the cadaster information, such as mortgaged assets, impending rights and duties of a claimant, and assets with pending court cases.

Earlier, the Swedish company had signed another contract with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to develop a National GIS Standard and Guideline for this country. Under the contract, Swedesurvey would work along with Prime Consultants, a local company in this field, on the project, which aims at developing reliable, accurate, and consistent National Geoinformation Standard and Guideline on national GIS business standards and geospatial data collection, production, sharing, and distribution.

The guidelines would also be meant to create databases and metadata in conformity with the GIS Spatial Data Standards on data sharing and compatibility among GIS users to ensure integration of GIS data, products, and applications, irrespective of technology, descent, or vendors.

Swedesurvey is controlled by the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. The government firm has been actively working in the field of cadastral mapping since 1980. Prior to its contracts with Ethiopia, the Swedish firm has undertaken cadastral mapping contracts in Greece and China.

source: Reporter

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