Sat. May 21st, 2022

Newly appointed acting president in the Somali region Mustafa Omar issued a chilly warning message to Heego juvenals. Heego was a group of people mainly youth employed to support ex-president Abdi Mohamud Omar now are criminalized.

Mustafa came to the office illegally only to be a puppet of Abiye Ahmed and new dominant of Ethiopia Oromiya gave him plan wiping off all people worked or supported with the previous administration.

To prompt and prove his loyalty to Abiy Ahmed he constructed cabinet ministers with psychotic disturbance released recently from the Jail-Ogaden. Jail-Ogaden was one of the worst torture abuse prisoners in modern history, most people released suffer some kind of serve mental disorder.

Nowadays its become normal routine to get rehabilitation a released person from the jail to make sure how the individuals cope the new life outside the jail.

70% of the Somali regional cabinets released from Jail most of them were outside the prison only seven days whiles appointed to be ministers and deputies. And the other funny things are 28% of the cabinets were employees of foreign NGO who earns $5,000 per month now they get $300 Dollar per month. The rest of the cabinets were informers exploited the secret information of the administration to the diaspora groups who use the social media network disturbance scandalous.

This is raising suspicions public have ineffectiveness of the new administration for justice and delivering properly public service. Targeting particular people and making fabricated stories justifying to harm and take assets belongs by individual nationals will not bring durable solution and stability.

Abdi Mohamud Omar (Abdi Iley) did lots of abuse to innocent people for many years, which revealed by internationally but nationally still has not mentioned the human rights abuse claims in the Ogaden. Jailing Abdi Iley does not relate to human rights abuse in the Ogaden region but related special case between Ormiya leaders and Abdi Iley.

By Rasaas