Sun. May 29th, 2022

Jijiga, April 6, 2020 – The security situation of the Somali autonomous region has deteriorated recently while ruling council stand-off. And the federal government of Ethiopia keep them at a distance.

Interim president Mustafe Mohamed Omar (aka Cagjar), sacked recently Abdi Adil head of the regional security and Abdiqadir Bisle head of the regional protocol.

The regional ruling party members lead by vice president Aden Farah rejected Mustafa’s claim without justifiable reason for sacking cabinet members.

Similarly, Mustafe Cagjar detained seven high-rank officers of the Liyu Police, as well as five members of the administration.

He appointed three positions head of security, dean of Jijiga university and member of the regional ruling council. All appointed people are his close family.

A member of the ruling council requested not to be named told that rasaasa news, Liyu Police army refused orders from the commanders.
Ethiopia’s Somali rich oil region is a volatile area where persistence conflicts.
A new ruling party of Ethiopia’s prosperity works with a communist system, the similarity with the previous EPRDF party. Public not elect party representatives neither party itself. Party has large central committees and smaller size called ruling committee those take decisions together.

By Rasaas