Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Nairobi, August 18, 2018 – New conflicts erupted between the Oromo and Somali at Labiga and Magaalo-cad locale in the Somali region.

Abdulahi Mohamed Sheikh (Qoorleex) resident of Mayaa-Muluqo district spoke to the BBC Somali language in this morning on 18/08/18 said “large numbers of Oromo militias equipped with different weapons attacked at Labiga and Magaalo-cad.”

Labiga and Magaalo-cad locales under Maya-Muluqo and Laga-Hido districts in Arar province of the west of the Somali regional state of Ethiopia.

The Oromo Milias attacks were killed number of Somali people and took a lot of animals including the camel, cattle, ships, goat and donkeys say, local people.

There are no officials pieces of information about the new fighting between Oromo and Somalis. Somali regional administration is not functioning since the federal troops’ takeover of the region and cut off the internet for nearly one month.

Elders at Mayaa-Muluqo who contacted the BBC Somali said the fighting caused a lot of displacements to the people and food shortage because the animal has been taken Oromo Militias and burnt homes.

The central government military was ordered to stop and secure the conflicts between the ethics going on the country but still is not effective the order issued by the prime minister of Ethiopia.

The international human rights watch issued warring and worried about the ethnicity conflict spreading to Ethiopia which if it does not stop immediately will cause the catastrophic situation in all the country.

By Rasaas