Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

We have received a news from Gode through sattelite wire that  detailed a fresh fighting started this morning a rural area near Kelafo zone.

The fighting broke out while the Ethiopian paramilitary Known Liyu Police arrived at scene and arrested two men belongs to the locals. Crow of nomads rushed to the area and they disputed with the Liyu Police.

A week ago, sixty civilians were killed in combat at this area. The Liyu Police were patrolled the area, when they clashed with illegal militia. Ethiopia sent armies division, when its intelligences found information about a group of armed men affiliated the Al Shabaab have crossed the border.

The fighting broke out this morning at  area has extended scale than the previous one that resulted more casualties to airlift to the Jijiga. The death rate reached about seven on both sides and injured about 14 people.

An unconfirmed rumor says groups affiliated Al Shabaab, received support a tribal militia dispatched from Mogadishu were planned retaliation against Liyu Police participated the combat. The paramilitary Liyu Police met a strong resistance from the militia groups and called air support helicopters.

On the last week, the Somali clan chief Ahmed Diriye and some of the Somali parliamentarians spoke out angrily about killing innocent civilians at Kelafo and Mustahil area. They said a statement the Kelafo massacre was behind the Ethiopian local army.

It’s a first time, more than twenty years; the Somali officials speak a conflict inside Ethiopia. Many of the Somali parliamentarians are belonging to Somali-Ethiopian region, who concern mistreats to the people across the border.

The Ogaden national liberation front ONLF, was the only group present actively in the Ogaden region. ONLF seeks independence for the Somali region of Ethiopia, but it has recently been weakened and activities curtailed within the region.

ONLF-faction,  a spokesman believes in Mogadishu gave an interview to the Voice of America,  he blamed Ethiopia’s terror activities in the Ogaden. He said during the interview “the Somali populated region of the Ogaden has been a slaughter house for the last twenty years.”

As well as another faction of the ONLF issued last week a strong worded statement titled “genocide” of Kelafe.

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