Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Ethiopian soldiers check for landminesJijiga, Nov 6, 2014 –¬†Two powerful blast hitted a military camp at the second largest city of Gode in the Somali regional state of Ethiopia today around 11 o’clock local time.

An independent source from Gode town confirmed that two sequence of explosives killed at least 41 Ethiopian troops and injured more. Ethiopian government did speak about the explosion and the damage caused by the bomb blast erupted the military camp.

Soon after the bomb blast erupted inside the military camp the communication were cut off the town. And its hard to get further information about the damage caused by the blast and who is behind.

ONLF is the only opposition group known in the area that against the Ethiopian presents in the Ogaden region. ONLF has been fighting self-determination of the Somali populated Ogaden region in many years.

By Rasaas